Riverside skyscrapers could damage Da Nang’s urban space: experts

Riverside skyscrapers could damage Da Nang’s urban space: experts

14-05-2018 14:36 | 0 bình luận
Multi-storey buildings built along the Han River in Danang are spoiling the landscape of the city, architects have said.

Da Nang is a special urban area with geographical and political advantages. In the last 20 years of being a centrally-run city, Da Nang has experienced rapid urbanization. 

Tran Van Giai Phong, an architect, and specialist at the UN’s project on climate change adaptation, said in the first years of the process, rapid urbanization led to a mix of unappealing architectural styles. 

These included buildings with monotonous architectural styles, and houses with many stories and modest width of 4 meters.  

Architects warned about the lack of harmony between construction works and the natural landscapes, which made the city gradually lose its identity as a river and sea- facing city. 

Now in Da Nang, construction works tend to be taller and larger. In the near future, the tallest building in the central region will be built in the city. 

The complex, developed by PPC An Thinh Da Nang, covering an area of 2.2 hectares, will include four 50-57-storey towers.

Real estate developers have competed to build taller buildings. However, architects warn that tall buildings may spoil the charm of Da Nang because they don’t fit the landscape. 

As municipal authorities turned to private investors to develop infrastructure to promote tourism, many construction works with imposing architectural styles were built. 

These include the French Village on Ba Na Mount and luxury villas and resorts along coastal roads from Son Tra to Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountains).

However, an official of Da Nang said that the city “always pays attention” to protecting valuable works such as the Historical Museum, Dien Hai Citadel, Ngu Hanh Son landscape, Son Tra peninsula and Ba Na – Nui Chua natural reserve.


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