Asian Games discussed at OCA Environment Committee meeting in Seoul

Asian Games discussed at OCA Environment Committee meeting in Seoul

08-04-2018 19:12 | 0 bình luận
The six members of the Olympic Council of Asia's (OCA) Environment Committee have attended a meeting at the Seoul Dragon City Hotel in the South Korean capital.

The first of the two main topics under discussion was the Committee's plans to host the OCA Environment Forum and embark on various environmental campaigns in connection with the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang.

The multi-sport event in Indonesia will take place from August 18 to September 2.

The second topic under discussion was the establishment of the OCA Environment Awards.

The OCA Environmental Committee are responsible for ensuring OCA Games are environmentally friendly​.

Yu Kyung-sun, the chairman of the Committee, said: "Our meeting was very productive, and our members came up with many good ideas to make our people recognise the value of the environment through OCA major Games.

"We also discussed practical action plans to host an environmental forum and establishing environment awards for the organisation and individuals who take the initiative in protecting the environment in Asia."

The OCA Environment Committee say they are responsible for advising the OCA Executive Board on what policy the organisation should adopt in terms of environmental protection.

They also promote the awareness of the environment in the field of sports, monitoring events held by OCA with an environmental perspective, while cooperating with existing sports organisations to promote and develop environmental activities.

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